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Unify all your operational data in one platform. Everything from infrastructure metrics and application performance to business data. It’s the go-to platform for deeper monitoring and insights of mission critical Anypoint platform deployments.
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Leverage the hybrid monitoring capabilities of nJAMS to track metrics across your application network flows. Whether you deploy your applications in CloudHub, on-premise, or hybrid, we have you completely covered.
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A standard or customized package, or an enterprise license: Whatever suits your needs. The process visibility suite nJAMS is expertly built to meet your exact requirements. With a basic subscription you have everything you need to begin monitoring your internal and external APIs and integrations.



Jobs per day10.000
Storage (GB)1
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$ 199

Jobs per day25.000
Storage (GB)5
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$ 399

Jobs per day50.000
Storage (GB)10
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$ 899

Jobs per day100.000
Storage (GB)50
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Price per monthFree$ 199$ 399$ 899
Applications Info This corresponds to the number of deployed applications. A Mule application implements one or more Mule APIs351020
Jobs per day Info A message corresponds to a monitoring event sent by an nJAMS Client for Mule. In many cases a monitoring event has monitoring information about the execution of a Mule flow10.00025.00050.000100.000
Storage (GB) Info Monitoring data is stored in nJAMS data store. Old records are automatically deleted once the storage limit is reached151050
Alerting rules Info nJAMS provides the capability of alerting based on flow characteristics or data metrics151025
Alerts per day102050150
High availabilitynononoyes
Support Info This includes access to Integration Matters Support website to create support tickets8x58x58x524x7
Retention7 days30 daysunlimitedunlimited
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